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Cyclotron cGMP / Radiochemistry

Our Cyclotron facility is located on a beautiful 79-acre Health Sciences Campus which is three miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles and seven miles from the USC University Park Campus. The primary mission of this resource is to provide expertise in the design, synthesis, and production of radioactive or stable agents for imaging of various disease and research applications and make such agents available to USC investigators.

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Preclinical Imaging

MIC’s Preclinical Imaging Core is dedicated to research studies of small animals for a variety of applications. The Core facility is staffed with trained machine operators and animal technologists. MIC faculty are active in developing novel methods of imaging to obtain new types of information as well as in applying current methods to study a wide range of biomedical questions.

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High-resolution / Industrial Nano CT

Molecular Imaging Center is equipped with latest high-resolution Industrial nano CT and micro CT scanners. GE Nanotom Phoenix M, Nikon Metrology XT H 225 ST are industry leading Computed Tomography (CT) scanners. These modalities are suite for variety of sample sizes, ranging from tiny rock samples to much larger animal skulls.

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Data Visualization, Analysis and Quantification (DVAQ)

MIC’s Data Visualization, Analysis and Quantification Laboratory is dedicated to provide enhanced multi-modal image processing, analysis and visualization capabilities to capture information with high versatility and accuracy. Software utilized are: Amira, Invicro Vivoquant, Volume Graphics, and more.